Come Surf With Us

We do things a little different here at Roam. The beauty of being mobile is the ability to find the most suitable surf conditions for you. Operating a flexible schedule from sunrise to sunset we have the ability to dodge the masses and find our own safe space on the beach, so you have full confidence and support to build your surfing skills.

Operating with a maximum ratio of one coach to 5 surfers we focus on quality, making sure everyone has some one on one time to find their feet, as well as having fun!


intro to surf

Surfing is a broad subject. From understanding the wind, tide and swell to boards, wetsuits and technique of catching and riding waves. We will share the knowledge of all these things with you in a 2-3 hour session. This will start on land going through the basics and then on to 2 hours in the ocean practising and perfecting your technique. 


next  steps

Many people grasp the basics in their first lesson. But there is so much more to learn and we aim to build on these fundamentals with improver sessions. This covers wave selection, catching unbroken waves, turning and basic manoeuvres.

group private.png

private group

Theres nothing better than surfing with friends. If you want to book in as a group then this can be arranged, with a pick up and drop off option.