Surfboards, art & wine... a gathering

WILLIS ROAM POLGOON Pages, Monday, 12 December 2016 at 11.20.23.png

We tend not to stray too far from the ocean here at Roam. But on the odd occasion we like to gather good people to share stories on all things sea and coast. With the festive season upon us, and many a fun surf going down, there was an easy energy around town and an eagerness to throw a little social to connect some collective minds.

Hosted in collaboration with Willis Surfboards we spent an evening in an old net setting loft on the quayside in Hayle. A pair of old battered blue doors gave way to a warm glow on the inside with an evening of locally made art, surfboards, wine and music. 

Met at the door by the friendly faces of Polgoon everyone was suitably hydrated on entry to fend off the cold with some super charged mulled wine and cider. A friendly crowd came together to mingle amongst the hand crafted boards and resin art works of Whip, as well as muse over some fine silver wear from Hannah Humpston. 

The night was capped off with everyone gazing on in awe at the screening of No Country for Cold Men by Zion, which saw 3 hardy blokes take on the frigid waters of Iceland and Norway for some empty waves and adventure (this put the not so freezing Cornish sea temp into perspective!)

A fun night and soon to be repeated…thanks to Katie from the photos.