Surf & Yoga Sessions

Sync your brain and body with the outdoors this summer

We've been teaming up with Jake Boex from Yoga Meditation and exploring some incredible links between yoga and surfing. Have a little read and see what we get up to ... 

Since its inception in Spring 2016 there has been a real buzz around the combination of
a yoga and surfing session being delivered as a partnership from two start-up
businesses, Yoga Meditation and Roam Surf Guiding. Having already run four events
across a range of breathtaking Cornish beaches and surf spots, the synergy of yoga and
surfing has profoundly impacted those who have taken part in the Spring half day taster

To put this experience into context the sessions start with a ‘surf orientated’ one- hour yoga session, led by ex-professional surfer turned Yoga and Meditation teacher Jake Boex (Yoga Meditation). You can leave your yoga mat behind for this as Jake insists that the session is carried out on the beach or nearby sand dunes, as this offers an incredible feeling of being connected to the outdoors. The beauty of outdoor yoga is not only in the stunning views of a West Cornwall beach, but it's also the sound of waves and wind encompassing you as you are led through a series of asanas that will begin to prepare your mind and body to take on the surfing element of the experience.

(Photo: Luke Pilbeam)

Following on from the yoga session comfy clothes are quickly swapped for wetsuits and
surfboards and participants are then guided through a two-hour surf session with Chris
(Roam Surf Guiding.) This covers everything from the very basic safety aspects of being
in the ocean right through to advanced techniques of surfing, as well as understanding
the waves, tides and wind, as this offers a toolkit to allow you to continue learning on
your own after the session. It is not a typical surf lesson format, the emphasis is to guide
you into the sport and culture of surfing so that you building your skills to be able to
come back to the beach and practice on your own, using correct techniques, safety
knowledge, and the right equipment to confidently enjoy the waves.

Jake Boex, Yoga Meditation, “Feedback from guests has been super positive so far and
we are promoting this as a great way for anyone wanting to get a taste of surfing and
yoga all combined into one package. The two combined make for an excellent way to
connect with the outdoors and make the most of our surroundings ahead of the summer

Chris Ranford, Roam Surf Guiding, “There is a such an obvious link between yoga andsurfing and it’s proving effective as everyone is surfing with correct technique due to the
body and mind being fully engaged and alert thanks to the yoga session ahead of taking
on the surf instructions. The group synergy is so positive everyone is so supportive and
encouraging of each other's progress throughout the day.”

(Photo: Luke Pilbeam)

As well as the physical benefits the sessions are concluded with an environmental
outdoor educational session touching on a range of local issues such as water quality,
marine litter and climate change to aim to raise awareness and empower people to take
ownership of their local marine and coastal environment. Jake and Chris are both
academically qualified in environmental science and comment on how the feedback and
environmental discussions add a great touch to the experience, “After a few hours of
high physical activity people are keen to engage the brain, so with a post surf coffee
buzz these discussions offer the group an informal platform to ask questions and gain an
understanding into what they can do to protect their beach to continue enjoying it as it
should be. We’ve even gone all out and run a full blown impromptu beach clean with one
of our groups, so it's obviously a great way to cap off the morning!”
The Surf & Yoga Sessions are running all summer in a variety of locations throughout
Cornwall every Saturday. Jake and Chris will be partnering up with a wide range of surf
and yoga teachers/schools to offer participants a highly personal and engaging

(Photo: Luke Pilbeam)

Jake Boex of Yoga Meditation is a former professional surfer and recently began
teaching yoga, but has been in practice for the last two decades. Jake also holds a
Ph.D. in Climate Science and is a qualified teacher. Chris Ranford of Roam Surf Guiding
has 15 years experience as a surf coach and has run surf guiding experiences in far
away countries such as New Zealand. Chris has a specific focus on working with small
groups and individuals to offer high-quality experiences. Chris is also a marine and
coastal environmental expert and the West Cornwall Rep for Surfers Against Sewage.